23-26 May 2018


Dear Group Psychotherapy Lovers,

The first Group Psychotherapy Symposium was held in our clinic in 1976, led by Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek, in a humble but busy and satisfying manner.

In the later years, the congress has become to known internationally, grew each year with an increasing number of participants and started to get organized in Bergama and successfully lasted to our day with the participation of Dr. Grete Leutz and many other local and international guests. Living "here and now" could only possible with the courage and experience inspired from a longlasting past.

We would like to present our graditude to everyone who will contribute or participate to the 43rd congress, which will be held between 23-26 May 2018.

It is our wish to reinforce the warmth of the Spring at Bergama with all of the participants. As it was the case in the last years, all psychodrama associations, Dr. Abdülkadir Özbek Psychodrama Insitute and the Psychodrama Association Federation, will give their best efforts for the success of the congress. Bergama City Presidency, without a doubt, will continue to support us.

We are expecting your attendance to live the adventure of group psychotherapy and psychodrama in a place of antiquity.

With the hope of reviving and feeling the historical spirit of "here and now" of the Asklepion of "back then"...

On behalf of the organizing commitee

Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Çevik
President of Turkish Group Psychotherapy Association and Congress President
Ankara University, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry